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Ed Tech Content Strategy

You created an amazing tool to help learners get ahead. Finally, you are ready to build your community, make more sales, and show your impact.

The problem? Your EdTech company is drowning in a sea of competitors. Your to-do list is a mile long (and getting longer by the minute). You know SEO is good for your business but have no headspace to worry about conversion rates or content creation. You need a strategy that transforms strangers into clients but have no idea where to start.

What if …

  • your brand cuts through all that noise to become the industry leader
  • you could stop worrying about marketing, content creation, and client conversion?
  • your website would attract new clients … consistently?
  • you find your ideal community of learners, educators, and clients?
  • you are seen as the go-to expert in your field.

I will help you stand out in the crowded EdTech market so you can finally focus on what really matters to you: your learners, clients, and community.

Why an EdTech Strategist?

We both know about the power of tech to transform education (dare we say the world?). The problem? Your audience still thinks EdTech means boring sequences of videos and websites that they need to study all by themselves. Maybe your university lecturers and administrators see EdTech as a fad that will pass if they only keep their heads down. Perhaps you have a fantastic new platform or app, but it drowns in a market that is flooded with EdTech offers.

Luckily, you have found me. Your EdTech strategist!

Together we will take a long hard look at:

  • how to create (or improve) your sales strategy
  • what we need to do to build a robust sales funnel tailored to you
  • what content works best for you
  • how to position your brand to the power of emotional storytelling (which will  help you stand out from all the AI-generated content that your competitors use)

When we collaborate, you get:

  • Business Analysis to find your superpowers and weak points
  • Content Strategy to build your community
  • Content Creation that is cutting-edge and innovative
  • Search Engine Optimization so your audience will find you easily
  • Photography that is royalty free
  • Two rounds of edits so you love your content as much as I do
Working with me means you will learn new things about your business, receive amazing, ready-to-go content that gives you the edge over your competitors, and find your ideal clients with ease.

Services and Rates

Blogs, Articles

Rates start at 350 EUR per 1000 words.

Build trust and create a loyal client base. Unlike ads, blogs work over a longer period so you can build a sustainable audience. All my copy has a clear call to action to engage your target group and is SEO optimized.

Landing Pages

Rates start at 700 EUR per 1000 words.

Tell your audience to act now (sign up for a free trial or an email list, buy a product, etc.) with persuasive, well-researched and SEO optimized landing pages.

Email Sequences

Rates start at 100 EUR per email.

Sequences build trust with your audiences and call them to action. Emails usually have the highest return on investment (roughly 30 EUR generated for every Euro spent) so they are a great way to achieve a lot even on a small budget.


Rates start at 150 EUR per newsletter.

Newsletters are powerful. They allow you to directly communicate with your client base, transmit your stories and values, and build trust over time. The return on investment is high (on average 35 EUR generated for every Euro spent).

Social Media Ads

Rates start at 50 EUR per ad.

Ads are a great way to reach out to your audience. My ad bundles will always feature multiple variations to maximize the algorithm.

Product Descriptions

Rates start at 50 EUR per description.

Show your audience what you have to offer. Good descriptions can make or break a sale. Stand out with creative and exciting descriptions that reflect your values and brand.

Website Copy

Rates start at 600 EUR per 1000 words.

A website is your digital home. Make sure your clients feel welcomed. Whether a persuasive “about us” site, price pages, your origin story, or a demo of your product, I use storytelling to create the perfect website for you.


Rates start at 10 cents per word.

Access a bigger market and create even more impact.

I work in English and German and am happy to either write localized copy in both languages or take care of translations.

Bundle Packages

Ask me about my bundle packages and monthly retainers.
All prices are in Euro. If you are outside Europe, I will gladly quote the equivalent prices to you in your currency.

1000                            85%                         30%

more website visitors after the first month            more sales after email campaign           30% more signups after website overhaul


I’ve worked with


I had the pleasure of working with Christin for over a decade now on various publications. She creates a solid plan for project timelines, provides high-quality editing and always delivers on time. Her eye for detail, wide knowledge base, and excellent communication skills are unmatched. Highly recommend her services.
vAS Shan
University of Toronto
Working with Christin is an absolute breeze. She perfectly understands the requirements, embraces feedback and revisions, and implements past feedback in future work! Her research skills are outstanding, and her ability to address the intended audience while considering the underlying business objectives elevates the entire experience. I highly recommend Christin to anyone seeking a fantastic individual and exceptional work.
Frédéric Massart
Director, BranchUp
Christin is a fantastic writer with a great eye for details and an uncanny ability to find the right words. She completed my project in no time. I highly recommend working with her.
Yasmin Aly
University of Toronto


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About me

Hi there!


I’m Christin. I’m an EdTech expert with more than a decade experience in the higher education and EdTech sector.

Whether you’re looking for a think piece on OER in higher education, a how-to on tech in the classroom, a deep-dive into blockchain, or a white paper on AI and education, I’m the right fit for you. I’ve been a researcher, university administrator, grant writer, lecturer, and I have worked in an EdTech start-up. I will use my expertise to connect with your clients and create the perfect strategy for your EdTech.

After living in Toronto, Berlin, and Tokyo, I am currently based in Nanjing, China. If I’m not writing, you can usually find me on the hunt for good Dumplings.

Why work with me?

  • I have a background in research (and a PhD from the University of Toronto). Everything I do is rigorously researched and fact-checked.
  • I have worked as an educator for more than a decade. I know how to break down complex information and how to keep my audience engaged.
  • As a former grant writer, I have made my clients millions with my writing. I know the power words can have and I know how to use it.
  • I am an expert in SEO. All my writing is search engine optimized so that your target audience finds you and your amazing product.
If you work with me, you get a researcher, EdTech strategist, salesperson, educator, and SEO wizard all in one!


To put it simply: good strategy makes you money.

You need to know what you are doing. Great content induces people to act, buy a product, sign up for an email list, apply to a university, or engage with a service.

You might have the best product or service in the world. If people don’t know you or believe in you, the quality of your work will not make a difference. That’s where a good content strategy comes in.

A good EdTech strategist will know who your audience is, what they want and need (or think they want), and how to engage them. A great content strategy is more than words on a page, it’s research, storytelling, and sales in one.

If you work with me, you will profit from my decade-long experience. I have been an educator, working with university and high school students for years. I know how to break down complex information and how to engage people (even if they think they don’t care).

If you hire me as an EdTech strategist, you will get someone who not only worked as an educator herself but also within a university and an EdTech start-up. I am familiar with the needs of educators and students, and I know the amazing potential (and pitfalls) of EdTech.

Lastly, I have been writing and engaging with content all my life. I have an MA in European Literatures and my very first job after graduating was as a copywriter. As a grant writer, I have fundraised millions. I know how to use the power of language effectively.

Sorry, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Although I wouldn’t find if you got rich off my strategy. I’ll certainly do my best to get you there. 

In my years as a grant writer, I have fundraised millions for my clients. I know the power of words and how to use them. A former colleague of mine once said I can “talk the hind leg off a donkey,” and while I certainly know how to make a sale, I will ensure that my copy helps you grow your business organically and ethically. 

Why am I not worried that the robots will replace me (anytime soon)? AIs can write decent copy but they can only recycle what exists already. If you are looking for unique copy that expresses your values and is tailored to you and your needs, a good content creator still beats an AI. Humor and emotions are not (yet) replicated well by machines. The danger with using an AI is also that facts in the copy might just be plain wrong (but stated very confidently). A good content creator does a lot of research (on facts, on you, on your target group) and brings creativity and emotion to your texts.

We will usually have a free discovery call where I find out more about you and your needs so that I can devise a strategy for you. After that I will send you a proposal of my services which we can discuss and adapt. We will sign a contract that stipulates deadlines and payment so we are always on the same side.

It depends on the project, but it typically takes me a week to send you the first draft. My offer includes two rounds of edits. Full payment is due when I deliver the first draft.

Work with me

What to Expect in Your Free Discovery Call?

We will look at your goals and pathway so far and find out what your next steps should be

We will discuss your audience – I will help you find your ideal clients

We will make sure people know about you through SEO

I will pitch potential blog posts, articles, email sequences for your inbound marketing content

We will develop a plan; I will make it happen

Or email me directly at: christin(a)


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