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You want to:

Create your community

Bring in More Sales

Show your impact

But you:

Don't have the time to worry about content, SEO, and conversions

Can't find the right words to describe how awesome you are

Need a strategy that transforms strangers into clients

What if...

Your website brings new clients to you ... consistently

You find your ideal community of learners and clients

You are seen as the go-to expert in your field

You can do what you love ... without worrying about marketing strategies, SEO, or content

Why an EAST ASIA Copywriter?

  • Personalized calls to action are over 200% more effective than generic ones
  • Most readers will only skim your texts to look for keywords
  • Almost 60% of clients are scared away by bad grammar and spelling
  • Longer texts on your website can increase your sales by more than 50%.

When we collaborate, you get:

  • East Asia copywriting that is cutting-edge and innovative
  • Content strategy to help you build your community
  • Search Engine Optimization so people will find you easily
  • Ideas for new content based on your needs
  • Photography that’s royalty-free
  • Formatting so you don’t miss out on readers who skim
  • Two rounds of Editing so you will love your texts as much as I do

Services and Rates

Blogs, Articles, Website Copy

Build trust and create a loyal client base. Unlike ads, blogs and website copy work over a longer period so you can build a sustainable audience. All my copy has a clear call to action to engage your target group and is SEO optimized.

Rates start at $250 per 1000 words.

Landing Pages

Tell your audience to act now (sign up for a free trial or an email
list, buy a product, etc.) with persuasive, well-researched and SEO optimized landing pages.

Rates start at $500 per 1000 words.

Email Sequences

Sequences build trust with your audiences and call them to action.

Rates start at $100 per email.

Product Descriptions

Show your audience what you have to offer. Good descriptions can make or break a sale.

Rates start at $50 per description.

Social Media Ads

Ads are a great way to reach out to your audience. My ad bundles will always feature multiple variations to maximize the algorithm.

Rates start at $50 per ad.

White Papers, Ebooks, Brochures, etc.

Inform your audience with in-depth research. Publications allow you shine a spotlight on your work and to inform and engage.

Rates start at 6 cents per word.


Ask me about my bundle packages and monthly retainers.

I work in English and German so if you need a text in both languages, I am happy to take care of the translation. My translation rate starts at 6 cents per word. Prices are in USD. If you are outside the US, I will gladly quote the equivalent prices to you in your currency.

Ready? Fantastic! Let’s work together.

1000                            25%                         30%

more website visitors after the first month            more sales after email campaign           30% more signups after website overhaul



I had the pleasure of working with Christin for over a decade now on various publications. She creates a solid plan for project timelines, provides high-quality editing and always delivers on time. Her eye for detail, wide knowledge base, and excellent communication skills are unmatched. Highly recommend her services.
vAS Shan
University of Toronto
Christin is a fantastic writer with a great eye for details and an uncanny ability to find the right words. She completed my project in no time. I highly recommend working with her.
Yasmin Aly
University of Toronto



The Disappearance of Japan’s “third gender”

History Today

A Shared Culture. How a German colony laid the groundwork for the alliance between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Institute of Modern Langauge Research

Biography of Yoko Tawada

About me

Hi there!


I’m Christin. I’m an East Asia copywriter, editor, occasional translator, and project manager. 

I live and breathe anything East Asia (ask me about my favorite J-pop band, the best historical figure from East Asia that you have never heard about, my go-to Chinese noodle type, or my secret hideaway in Taiwan) and it shows in my work. My texts on East Asia go beyond tired stereotypes and “I’ve-read-that-a-thousand-times-cliches” to grab your readers’ attention and call your audience to action.

Whether you’re looking for a think piece on current Chinese education policy, a travel post on hiking in the Japanese Alps, a deep dive into Taiwanese mountain spas, or a blog post about popular Kimono patterns, I’m the right fit for you. I will use my expertise to connect with your clients and draft the perfect copy for you.

After living in Toronto, Berlin, and Tokyo, I am currently based in Nanjing, China. If I’m not writing, you can usually find me on the hunt for good Dumplings.

Why work with me?

  • I have a background in research (and a PhD from the University of Toronto). All my pieces are rigorously researched and fact-checked. Before I write for you, I will research your audience and make sure that we speak to your ideal clients.
  • I have worked as an educator for more than a decade. I know how to break down complex information and how to keep my audience engaged.
  • As a former grant writer, I have made my clients millions with my writing. I know the power words can have and I know how to use it.
  • I am an expert in SEO. All my writing is search engine optimized so that your target audience finds you and your amazing product.
If you work with me, you get a researcher, East Asia copywriter, salesperson, educator, and SEO wizard all in one


To put it simply: good copywriting will make you money.

Good copywriting induces people to act, buy a product, sign up for an email list, apply to a university, or engage with a service. Copywriting is different from content writing in that it does not only provide information but has a clear call to action.

You might have the best product or service in the world. If people don’t know you or believe in you, the quality of your work will not make a difference. That’s where good copy comes in.

A good copywriter will know who your audience is, what they want and need (or think they want), and how to engage them. Copywriting is more than words on a page, it’s research, storytelling, and sales in one.

If you work with me, you will profit from my decade-long experience. I have been an educator, working with university and high school students for years. I know how to break down complex information and how to engage people (even if they think they don’t care).

If you hire me as a East Asia copywriter, you will get someone who knows the region intimately. I have written a PhD on German-Japanese relations (nothing to do on a cold winter night? check it out:, I am conversational in Japanese and working on my Mandarin. I am also currently based in China so you can depend on my connections and up-to-date information. I might even share my favourite secret Ramen place in Tokyo with you.

Lastly, I have been writing and engaging with texts all my life. I have an MA in European Literatures and my very first job after graduating was as a copywriter. As a grant writer, I have fundraised millions. I know how to use the power of language effectively.

No serious copywriter will promise you a specific amount or that their SEO will bring you to the top page of Google.

However, if you hire me, you can be sure that I do two things: I research your SEO needs thoroughly and I will not spam my text with useless key words. Instead, I will use well-researched, relevant keywords that drive your ranking up.

In my years as grant writer, I have fundraised millions for my clients. I know the power of words and how to use them. A former colleague of mine once said I can “talk the hind leg off a donkey” and while I certainly know how to make a sale, I will ensure that my copy helps you grow your business organically and ethically. 

We will usually have a free discovery call where I find out more about you and your needs so that I can devise a strategy for you. After that I will send you a proposal of my services which we can discuss and adapt. We will sign a contract that stipulates deadlines and payment, so we are always on the same side.

It depends on the project, but it typically takes me a week to send you a first draft. My offer includes two rounds of edits. Full payment is due when I deliver the first draft.

Work with me

Book your Free Discovery Call

We will look at your goals and pathway so far and find out what your next steps should be

Let's discuss your audience – I will help you find your ideal clients

SEO – Let's make sure people know about you.

Inbound marketing content – I pitch potential blog posts, articles, email sequences.

You have a lot on your plate. We will develop a plan; I will make it happen.



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